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Concrete Wall Estimator

Concrete Wall - 3 Simple Steps For Calculating Yardage
Step 1
Add up all the lineal feet of wall

Note : double check your measurements / addition
Note : if walls are different widths or heights you will have to add them up separately
Length (ft.)
Step 2
Measure how wide the wall is
Note : the plan calls out this measurement
Width (in.)
Step 3
Determine how tall the wall is
Note : if walls are a different height you will have to add them up separately.
Depth (in.)
Stop. Read This Before Ordering
Concrete yardage can be hard to calculate : Information to consider when your getting ready to place concrete orders

~ small openings in form work cause concrete placement difficulties
~ don't forget to account for different wall heights or thicknesses
~ pump trucks don't turn off right-away,
~ pump trucks need about 1 yard ( prime, extra in pipes and hopper )
~ pads, sono tubes sometimes get left out of the calculations
~ sometimes pump trucks get plugged, need to clear lines
~ wet site, makes it hard to control concrete flow
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